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"You see, Sailor Scouts, I own New York, my money runs it, my will drives it, heck, I have half the United States government in my pocket, even foreign leaders know who I am, and what I am capable of, so whatever you brats think you're trying to accomplish, I am afraid to tell you that you're punching way above your weight level."'
-Carmine Leoni

Carmine Leoni is one of the most powerful crime bosses and Mafia leaders in the world. A vicious gangster and criminal mastermind, Leoni has successfully shielded himself from law enforcement scrutiny by running his operations from the shadows through a series of Front Bosses and never being at the scene of any illegal dealings. Originally a low level player in the Gambino Crime Family, Leoni rose to the top in the aftermath of the Kira Incident in which many top level Mafia leaders were wiped out by the Death Note, and proved his smarts be reorganizing the mob into once again becoming the most powerful, and dominant crime syndicate in the United States. A bitter enemy of the heroes of not only Earth, but of other planets as well, Leoni has squared off against the likes of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, along with their allies, The Winx Club, The Guardians of Kandrakar, and the Earth Defense Force.